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Astrological Predictions for
March 2015


Frances A. May

Universal Trends

Pluto Square Uranus

Since 2012, the planets Uranus and Pluto have been square one another, meaning they are at roughly a 90 degree angle from one another. There have been seven times that the square was exact, and the final time is March 17, 2015. Since both planets deal with humanity en masse and the Earth and society as a whole, and both are agents of change, the result has been a sense of overshadowing, sometimes overwhelming, uneasiness, bordering on fear. (And sometimes that border has been crossed.) Many things have come to light during these three years, things that need to be changed. After the 17th, that sense of uneasiness will begin to diminish. I think people will begin to be more optimistic and be able to take positive action regarding those things which were revealed by the square between these planets. 

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn recently moved into the sign Sagittarius, but it will turn retrograde on March 14, which means it will appear to move in reverse, and return to Scorpio for a short time. Its station on the 14th will act as an anchor or stabilizer, and will make things appear to slow down. The retrograde period will last until August 2, a little over four months. This may mean delays in many areas, but, as is usual with a retrograde, it’s an opportunity to discover ways to improve projects. This can also include personal plans and endeavors.


Cautious new beginnings for Pisces this month. Saturn squaring the new moon and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, will be good for career matters, but it won’t be an easy or quick change; it will develop slowly over the next couple of years. It will be a time of solidifying gains and testing and building structures. Financial windfalls are possible this month, so buy a lottery ticket, and plan to invest the winnings.


Action oriented, Aries rarely likes self-reflection, but this month it’s important. There may be a stronger than usual impulse to react without thinking, while your ruler, Mars, is in Aries. Pay close attention to what happens if you do; you’ll gain insight into the things that make you tick. Knowing your weaknesses and hot buttons is the first step in getting them under control.


You may have a lot of visitors this month, Taurus. It’s a good time to entertain friends. Information and guidance come through to you in your dreams, and you may have trouble sleeping at times. You may see an old friend in a new light around the middle of the month.


There are new opportunities in your career area and possible stress on relationships for you this month. The next couple of years will probably bring changes in relationships and partnerships. Look for the improvement of those which are good for you, and the erosion of those which are not. Listen to both your heart and your head. You’ll know which ones to release. Training sessions for career improvements this month will pay off next month, even though they may be short.


Expand your horizons, Cancer. Travel, take a class – you may be especially drawn to psychic development or metaphysical studies now, and it’s a worthwhile pursuit for you at this time. So are artistic and creative pursuits, whether painting, writing, even woodworking. Training for job improvement is also a good idea right now.


You are coming into a time when your interest in things mystical is being stimulated. This month in particular will affect this trend, and you will begin looking deeper into your own psyche. Your emotions are stronger, especially now, and you may gain some deep insights into the things which motivate you.


This month the emphasis is on relationships and partnerships for you. Because Pisces is the sign opposing yours, all your relationships and partnerships are touched by Piscean energy. You will notice it strongly this month because there are five planets in Pisces, so interactions with others may well involve more spiritual aspects, emotions, or confusion. Patience and the orderliness of your Virgo mind will bring order. If you have had questions arise re: health or work, the answers will be forthcoming this month.


Patience is your keyword this month, Libra. The Pluto-Uranus square mentioned above is affecting your home and relationships, so conflict may reach a head at this time. Remember though, this is the last exact aspect, so matters will begin settling down; the tension is released. The Saturn station will also help; for you it may take the form of communication, possibly with family or friends.


If you have seen delays in career or social advancement the last few months, you may hear news indicating movement beginning in that area. It’s time to enjoy yourself a little (or a lot) now. Play with kids or grandkids, puppies or kittens, take a cruise, do a little gambling, flirt a bit!


Take a good look around your home this month. If there has been a persistent problem, like a leak for example, you should be able to find it now. Just give the house a good once-over; now is the time to plan out renovations and repairs. In a year or so your career may expand, and you may want/need to do more entertaining, so a kitchen update might be a good idea now. (If you need the excuse… ;) )


For you the Pluto Uranus square has been very stressful, affecting your peace of mind and your mental/emotional foundations. The good news is that it’ll start getting better, but you need to prevail and carry out the changes you’ve learned you need to make in your life. On the 14th Saturn, your ruler, goes retrograde, which will give you more time to stabilize and implement plans, although it may also bring about delays. Be the change you wish to see.


Buy a lottery ticket. Buy some with friends. Put money aside in savings. Decide how you want to spend your tax return. And, being Aquarius, figure out how to help others improve their lives. In relationships, remember that your energies reflect back to you in any encounters or conflicts. It’s the positive resolution of the conflicts that is important. 

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Psychic & Holistic Fair

"The best psychic fair north of Dallas"

Sense-ations' Psychic & Holistic Fair

 Saturday, April 11, 2015

DoubleTree Hotel
1981 N Central Expwy
Richardson, TX 75080
(SW Corner of Campbell Rd and 75)

Our gifted readers are some of the best you will find anywhere.
Come let them help guide you in your life’s journey.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance, peace, healing or comfort, you will find what you're looking for here. Let your "senses" guide you to that which can enliven you.

$7 admission

(Get a $2 off coupon by joining our Monthly Event Newsletter e-mail list)

All readings are only $15 for 15 minutes.

Note: We are a "cash only" fair.
(Some vendors can take credit cards.)

Below is a list of who was at our last event.
Check back after Wednesday, April 1st for an updated list
of who will join us at our next event.


Dana Renée Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and Dowsing with Pendulums

Dana is an intuitive Tarot reader in the Dallas area. Her early psychic experiences led to a lifelong love and practice of the metaphysical and various divination styles. Dana enjoys using her Tarot reading skills to help her clients find answers about their lives, past, present, and future, to help them fulfill their spiritual path.

Frances May - Astrology, Tarot and Intuitive

With an extensive background of study and practice in both astrology and tarot, (over 35 years), Frances utilizes the wisdom of these paths, along with her natural intuitive gifts, to help and guide her clients. She uses tools such as the astrological chart and the tarot cards to locate areas which are being stressed and to illuminate trends that are taking place or coming in the future.

Jayme Lynn - Psychic Medium, Angel Card Reader

Jayme is a Psychic Medium in the Dallas Area. Her psychic experiences began as a young child and led her to study and practice her craft in California, New Jersey, South East Asia, United Kingdom, and Texas. Working from a place of love and light, she can help you find guidance in your life and/or connect with passed loved ones.

Mahariel Meleahh - Psychic Intuitive, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Handwriting Analysis

Mahariel has been intuitive for most of her life and a Handwriting Analyst since May 2000. Her intuitive readings can provide very direct and "pin pointed" answers about what you ask to know. She is an open channel to the spirit world. With Handwriting Analysis, she helps people better understand their selves and others by looking at how they write.

Michael O'Steen - Psychic Consultant & Psychometry

Michael is a psychic consultant whose work allows him to serve as a catalyst in opening others up to a new reality in their lives thus achieving a deeper connection to their greatest potential.  Through his psychic gifts and by hearing from both angels and those who have passed away, he can see and reveal the possibilities that the Divine has for his clients.  One of his primary gifts is that of Psychometry, a gift that allows him to simply hold the personal items of others in order to read their vibration and be given visions and words of direction for them. A visit with Michael can transform your life.

Micki Klein - Tarot and Lithomancy

Micki started being a professional reader in 1979. Her intuition helps her clients by giving them guidance, encouragement, and can assist them in releasing old limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. Her readings can open new pathways to the areas most needed.



Charlotte & Michael Lin - Energy Healing, Quantum Touch, Stone Readers, etc

Charlotte & Michael have been guided by Divine to work as a team to offer their healing hands and loving hearts to the public. They provide healing, guidance and spirit stones to help you on your right life path. Their specialties are Stones, Quantum-Touch®, Access Bars®, Esoteric Healing, Feng Shui, and 99 Power Qi Gong. Charlotte & Michael are also gifted stone readers. They can read the spirit inside of stones and can custom make special function stones for you (abundance, wealth, health, protection, longevity, money, love, peace & calm, joy, etc).



Jim Walker - Shungite (Purifying + EMF protection)

Jim will be offering Shungite for water purification and as an EMF deterrent. Shungite is a carbon based stone that has been used in Russia for centuries to purify water. Its documented "healing" properties include anti-inflammatory, curing skin illnesses and is a natural antioxidant.  It is also a very strong stone for grounding. Jim will have loose Shungite and kits, as well as "pocket rocks", spheres and pendants.

Ka Horne - Channelled Messages & Art For The Soul

Through inspiration and light I offer you a glimpse of the beauty of your true self expressed through the words of my guides. You can expect to experience a written channeled message presented to you which is incorporated into an original abstract painting. Each painting is as unique as the people I paint for, so no two are alike. While meditating upon your painting, I hope you will receive messages and inspiration bringing you closer to realizing the gifts and blessings of Creator and your own special inner light.

Linda Dallas - Wire wrapped and silver smithing jewelry
Jan Sparks - Jewelry, decorative zipper pulls, agates and healing stones

Linda has been a jewelry designer since 2000. She creates all of her own jewelry pieces which are unique in her own original designs. All of her jewelry is also energetically charged. ~ Jan creates all of her own unique jewelry as well. She has fun to wear, stylish Chakra jewelry, lovely polished agate slabs and small healing crystal stones to carry in a medicine pouch. 


Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised that all psychic (and other) readings are not 100% accurate at all times. Also, not all wellness practitioners can heal all things. You are advised to consult medical professionals for medical issues and attorneys for legal issues. We can not guarantee the information or services you receive at our fair and we can not be held liable and/or accountable for any decision you make as a result of you coming to our events. For legal reasons, we must tell you that all readings, wellness services, etc that you encounter at any of our events are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.