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Astrological Predictions for October 2014

Frances A. May

A word about Mercury Retrogrades:
They are short, only about 21 days. This one starts Oct. 5 and ends Oct. 26. They bring misunderstanding and confusion, which is why you need to make sure you are correctly understood, and that you understand others correctly. It’s a wonderful time for working out the bugs and clarifying matters. Computers may act up, too.

Unexpected relationship issues are brought into focus this month. Some things may appear to be more important than they actually are. Look for the positive, and try to find the humor in the situation, and the outcomes will be satisfying. It’s a good time to share your views with others; you’re more eloquent than usual.

The emphasis is on introspection this month. The Mercury retrograde will probably produce confusing but illuminating dreams, so a dream journal would be a good idea for you. Mars in your money house may bring some good financial opportunities.

Hold on to your temper, Sag! Mars crossing your sun may make you more impatient than usual. Good physical exercise will help blow off steam and help you keep your cool. There may be some good opportunities for romance, or some nice perks at work.

New beginnings in career matters are likely. Be prepared to clarify communications on the job as well as with friends. It’s a good time to make plans for career development such as training, and discuss your future with your supervisors.

Tons of intellectual stimulation comes your way, possibly by reading, travel, or education. If you have any legal matters pending, the Mercury retrograde may delay or confuse the issues. If possible, delay taking action until after the 26

Pleasant times with relationships for you, with Venus in your relationship house. You may be drawn to get in better touch with your emotions and feeling nature, and these will be felt more intensely than usual. This may result in transformation in your values and a deeper sense of yourself.

The changes that have been taking place within you will be reflected in your relationships. Communications with your partners at work or at home may be difficult while Mercury is retrograde. After Oct. 26 you should be in a better place to make informed decisions and plans.

Expansion in the home is a keynote for you at this time. Resources will be there for improvements and renovation, or you may have someone move into your home. Take the time to examine how you do things at work and at home, and streamline your processes. It’s a good time for a physical, too.

Time spent on beautifying your home as well as having fun will be well spent this month. Relationships may be stressful, with Mars in your relationship house, and with Mercury retrograde you will need to be careful communicating with loved ones, including children.

Your home is also emphasized this month. If you’re planning on renovations it may be best to start after the 26
th, when Mercury is direct once more. Mars in your work/health sector will give you the energy you need to accomplish more than usual. It’s a very good time for physical activity, both work and exercise.

Interactions with friends, relatives, and co-workers are important this month. Pay close attention to how you communicate with them. Weaknesses in communications will become evident so you can change them. In the long run, this will simplify and improve your day to day life and make it run more smoothly.

It’s time to take a good look at your finances. Understanding what you truly value will let you re-allocate resources to put your money where your heart is. It’s a good month for pampering yourself with a spa day or shopping trip. You’ll find bargains that are comfortable and attractive!

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Psychic & Holistic Fair

"The best psychic fair north of Dallas"

Sense-ations' Psychic & Holistic Fair

 Saturday, November 8, 2014

DoubleTree Hotel
1981 N Central Expwy
Richardson, TX 75080
(SW Corner of Campbell Rd and 75)

Our gifted readers are some of the best you will find anywhere.
Come let them help guide you in your life’s journey.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance, peace, healing or comfort, you will find what you're looking for here. Let your "senses" guide you to that which can enliven you.

$7 admission

(Get a $2 off coupon by joining our Monthly Event Newsletter e-mail list)

All readings are only $15 for 15 minutes.

Below is a list of who was at our October 11th event.
Check back after Tuesday, October 28th for a list of who will
be at our November 8th event.


Dana Renée Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and Dowsing with Pendulums

Dana is an intuitive Tarot reader in the Dallas area. Her early psychic experiences led to a lifelong love and practice of the metaphysical and various divination styles. Dana enjoys using her Tarot reading skills to help her clients find answers about their lives, past, present, and future, to help them fulfill their spiritual path.

Mahariel Meleahh - Psychic Intuitive, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Handwriting Analysis

Mahariel has been intuitive for most of her life and a Handwriting Analyst for over 13 years. Her intuitive readings can provide very direct and "pin pointed" answers about what you ask to know. She is an open channel to the spirit world. With Handwriting Analysis, she helps people better understand their selves and others by looking at how they write.

Mary Beth Wood - Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medical Intuitive, Dowsing with L-Rods & Pendulums

Mary Beth uses a variety of tools in her readings. She communicates with your guides, angels, and lost loved ones to give you messages for your highest good.

Priya Alladi - Psychic Empath 

Priya is a Psychic Empath who receives messages both clairaudiently (hearing) and claircognizantly (knowing). Her readings help her clients discover themselves, thus allowing them to cope with their feelings or emotions. She does this by tapping into your energy and with assistance from her spirit guides, your guides and the angels, she gives you the necessary tools to get on with life, thus enabling you to address certain life questions. Priya is also able to help with specific questions that you may have regarding relationships and future events.

Teal Gray – Intuitive Empath and Tarot Reader

Teal is a natural born Empath and Clairvoyant. For over 25 years she has used her gifts to help others find clarity in their lives. She uses Tarot along with her natural gifts and abilities to unveil the mysteries that are within you and to empower your relationships and navigate through life's challenges. She generally asks you on what area of your life you would like to focus. The reading flows and information springs to life from there! Teal shares what she sees, good or bad. She believes that with Spiritual Guidance you can gain the power to make your dreams a reality and realize your higher spiritual self. 



LaVar Designs - Jewelry and Crystals

LaVar Designs brings you handcrafted spiritual jewelry for everyday wear as well as a wide assortment of fabulous crystals. She also carries salt lamps, crystal towers, pre-made wire wrappings to wear your favorite stones on your own necklace and a variety of other wares you won't find anywhere else.

Jim Walker - Shungite (Purifying + EMF protection)

Jim will be offering Shungite for water purification and as an EMF deterrent. Shungite is a carbon based stone that has been used in Russia for centuries to purify water. Its documented "healing" properties include anti-inflammatory, curing skin illnesses and is a natural antioxidant.  It is also a very strong stone for grounding. Jim will have loose Shungite and kits, as well as "pocket rocks", spheres and pendants.

Melodie McFarland – Lightyear Wireless

Want an AFFORDABLE, NO CONTRACT cell phone plan? Ask Melodie how. Be sure to ask her how you could get your cell phone service for FREE! ~ Unlimited TALK, TEXT and DATA PLANS ~ Home Internet ~ No credit checks.


Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised that all psychic (and other) readings are not 100% accurate at all times. Also, not all wellness practitioners can heal all things. You are advised to consult medical professionals for medical issues and attorneys for legal issues. We can not guarantee the information or services you receive at our fair and we can not be held liable and/or accountable for any decision you make as a result of you coming to our events. For legal reasons, we must tell you that all readings, wellness services, etc that you encounter at any of our events are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.