Some regulars at our fair:

Mahariel Meleahh
(Kellye Magbee)


Lana Johnson

Mary Beth Wood

Leisa Cairo

Karen Morgan

Frances M.

Jayme Lynn

Michael O'Steen


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Astrological Predictions for April 2014

Frances A. May

Last month, the new moon in Aries on March 30 was conjunct Uranus, a planet which often brings unexpected change. Depending on how you react to change, your feelings about these energies may range from out-and-out fear, to a vague uneasiness, to joyful expectation of the new experiences to come. Always remember that your reaction and expectations create the way energy expresses in your life. 

ARIES Now is the time for balance and poise in the midst of the energies dancing around you. There may be more people in your home, and your reputation may undergo transformation. You’ll become aware of many of your subconscious processes this month.

TAURUS Pleasant communications with siblings are on tap this month, along with some positive activity in your career sector. Be careful while traveling, and allow plenty of time. Continue feeling your way through partnerships and close relationships.

GEMINI Financial improvements should be coming up this month. You may owe less income tax than you thought. Good news in your career area, but get plenty of rest. You may be working too hard right now.

CANCER Transformations continue in your work and personal life. Look long and hard at your plans for expansion. Unexpected changes and opportunities develop at work.

LEO Think carefully before reacting to any perceived slight; communications are touchy this month, and your pride may prompt you to say something better left unsaid. Your heart is big enough to overlook pettiness. Stop putting off that trip to the doctor.

VIRGO Keep an eye on your finances. Mistakes can be caught before problems materialize. Communications with loved ones are easier now. It’s a good time to talk things out.

LIBRA Feeling overwhelmed? The astrological forces affecting you now are actually helping you find a more secure sense of balance if you look to your center rather than chasing after all the illusions that range around you. Balance, and control, take place at the fulcrum.

SCORPIO You are experiencing the rewards of accepting responsibility. Some deeply buried or denied secrets may come to light in your inner landscape. You have the chance to lay some of those childhood ghosts to rest.

SAGITTARIUS Unexpected events may occur around children. Improvements in jointly held property or finances are possible.

CAPRICORN The need for some repairs may crop up in your home. Think before you speak at work. Things are better than they appear at first glance.

AQUARIUS The meanings of spiritual and physical beauty may become evident to you this month. On the other hand, don’t let illusions or preconceptions about women dictate your actions.

PISCES Knowledge of how to heal your inner child will be available to you this month. Wait a few weeks before splurging. There may be unexpected expenses.

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Psychic & Holistic Fair

"The best psychic fair north of Dallas"

We hold 2 exciting events each month:


Each month, we have a different speaker come in to teach you about various topics.


Sense-ations' Psychic & Holistic Fair

Our monthly fair with a variety of readers, healers, and vendors.

See below for details of both events.

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(To be announced next month.)


Sense-ations' Psychic & Holistic Fair

 Saturday, May 10, 2014

DoubleTree Hotel
1981 N Central Expwy
Richardson, TX 75080
(SW Corner of Campbell Rd & 75)

Our gifted readers are some of the best you will find anywhere. Come let them help you in your life’s journey.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance, peace, healing or comfort, you will find what you're looking for here. Let your "senses" guide you to that which can enliven you.

$7 admission

(Get a $2 off coupon by joining our  Monthly Event Newsletter e-mail list)

All readings are only $15 for 15 minutes.

You may purchase up to 2 time slots with any reader.

Below is a list (and bios) of who all was at our last fair.
Our next fair will feature many of the same people listed below,
though we will update this list for our May fair on Tuesday, April 29th.


Frances May - Astrology and Tarot

With an extensive background of study and practice in both astrology and tarot, (over 35 years), Frances utilizes the wisdom of these paths, along with her natural intuitive gifts, to help and guide her clients. She uses tools such as the astrological chart and the tarot cards to locate areas which are being stressed and to illuminate trends that are taking place or coming in the future.

Jayme Lynn - Psychic Medium, Angel Card Reader

Jayme is a Psychic Medium in the Dallas Area. Her psychic experiences began as a young child and led her to study and practice her craft in California, New Jersey, South East Asia, United Kingdom, and Texas. Working from a place of love and light, she can help you find guidance in your life and/or connect with passed loved ones.

Karen Morgan - Crystal Life Readings: Reading, Clearing and Energizing your Chakras

Karen's goal is to assist others in tuning in to their own intuition and guidance so they may hear messages of inspiration and love to support their journey in life.

Lana Johnson - Medium and Intuitive Reader; communicating with loved ones from beyond

As a child, Lana constantly got into trouble for knowing things that she could only have known by accessing her intuitive ability. Later in life, Lana discovered that she had the ability to talk to the dead. This eventually led her to understand that she has the ability to help others by not only communicating with their loved ones on the other side, but also by providing psychic readings using tarot cards. 

Lucille Johnson - Psychic and Tarot

When Lucille was 11 years old, she realized that she could see things and dream things that were going to happen before they did. She was later discovered as a highly talented "natural psychic" by John Catchings. When you sit with her for a reading, she will ask you to shuffle and cut the Tarot cards so she can work off of your energy from your contact with the cards.  If you ask her about a specific situation, she'll tell you as much as she can, from what she "sees" that is going on in your life - along with information she receives from the cards.  She can predict up to about 6 months into the future.

Mary Beth Wood - Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medical Intuitive, Dowsing with L-Rods & Pendulums 

Mary Beth uses a variety of tools in her readings. She communicates with your guides, angels, and lost loved ones to give you messages for your highest good.

Priya Alladi - Psychic Empath


Priya is a Psychic Empath who receives messages both clairaudiently (hearing) and claircognizantly (knowing). Her readings help her clients discover themselves, thus allowing them to cope with their feelings or emotions. She does this by tapping into your energy and with assistance from her spirit guides, your guides and the angels, she gives you the necessary tools to get on with life, thus enabling you to address certain life questions. Priya is also able to help with specific questions that you may have regarding relationships and future events.



Jessica Hitch - Reiki

A Reiki session is an opportunity to allow divine healing wisdom to flow into your body so that it can heal itself. Reiki complements and enhances any form of treatment and can assist with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. During your session, you will receive hands-on healing while fully clothed. The power of Reiki is awesome to experience.

Dr. Jessica Heuneman - AlignRight Chiropractic

Stress has been called “the silent killer” and can lead to heart disease, 
 high blood pressure, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat. AlignRight Chiropractic will be educating people to use natural techniques to reduce the effects of stress on the body.  These techniques can show results instantly. 



LaVar Designs - Jewelry and Crystals

LaVar Designs brings you handcrafted spiritual jewelry for everyday wear as well as a variety of fabulous crystals. She just returned from a huge crystal show (Feb 2014) and brought back a lot of new crystals for you.

Jim Walker - Shungite (Purifying + EMF protection)

Jim will be offering Shungite for water purification and as an EMF deterrent. Shungite is a carbon based stone that has been used in Russia for centuries to purify water. Its documented "healing" properties include anti-inflammatory, curing skin illnesses and is a natural antioxidant.  It is also a very strong stone for grounding. Jim will have loose Shungite and kits, as well as "pocket rocks", spheres and pendants.

Denae Richards - Living Above 7

Denae will introduce you to one of the best bio-energetic holistic lines of supplements and minerals on the market today offered through Xooma Worldwide.  She will be sharing samples of their two main products; 1) Xtreme X20 Water Sachets which turns your water into a healing 9.9 alkaline mineral infused drink that moves directly into your body's cells bypassing the digestive system and 2) FocusUp which is truly a brain food enhancing your focus, concentration and mood. Drop by and talk opportunities for great health and prosperity. Sign up for a chance to win one of Xooma's signature BPA free green bottles and Xtreme X2O Water Sachets. 

Nykee & Marla McCoy - PowerStrips™

PowerStrips™ are a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs. Everyone and every part of the body needs energy. PowerStrips™, worn daily, bring energy to those parts of the body that need it. By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you'll notice is a relief of pain. For this reason, PowerStrips™ are listed as a Class 1, Medical Device with the FDA that can be used for pain relief.

Smart Ash Holders - Incense holders, incense and more

We hand-craft each incense holder one at a time using exotic and some common woods. There are NO stains or paints used in the making of our incense holders. We only use a clear coat finish to protect the wood. We also carry Incense, Loose Sage, Sage Sticks, White Sage Spray, Lavender, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, Yerba Santa, Feathers, Abalone Shells & Tri-pods. Come see us for your cleansing and protection needs.

Melodie McFarland - Mary Kay Consultant

As your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Melodie will teach you the NECESSITY of GREAT skin care. She offers personalized service that fits your lifestyle. Anyone can be beautiful with the right shade of lipstick but she will make you feel confident that you have the right shade. With CONFIDENCE, you can bring that STAR out and SHINE! Let Melodie show you that Mary Kay is MORE than cosmetics, it's about ENRICHING women's lives.

Valerie Hake - Jewelry, candles, tarot cards, and more

We carry handcrafted inspired jewelry with influences from Hindu, Islam, Buddhist and New Age as well as rosary prayer beads with different charms or stones. In addition, we also carry candles, tarot cards (and pouches to carry them in), various books and handmade wands. Just to name a few of the items we will have available. Pick up one of our brochures from the table. Don't be afraid to ask, we just might have it.


Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised that all psychic (and other) readings are not 100% accurate at all times. Also, not all wellness practitioners can heal all things. You are advised to consult medical professionals for medical issues and attorneys for legal issues. We can not guarantee the information or services you receive at our fair and we can not be held liable and/or accountable for any decision you make as a result of you coming to our events. For legal reasons, we must tell you that all readings, wellness services, etc that you encounter at any of our events are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.